New Amateur, Podcasts

The ARRL is putting up some podcasts to assists new Amateurs getting a start on things and just generally getting going in the hobby. Reaching new Amateurs and getting them going after they get their ticket has been an underserved area for a very long time. Sure clubs and fellow Hams assist with this, but sometimes the locations of new license holders are somewhat remote in comparison and maybe no fellow mentors “Elmers” are available in the area either.

Now the ARRL is putting podcasts out about them using the app Stitcher, Blubrry and Apple iTunes. The new podcasts are called “So Now What?” and they are starting March 7, 2019, and will alternate weeks with the “ARRL The Doctor is in“. If you want more information please follow this link to New Amateur Podcasts.

Sunday Snow RagChew

Attention Ham Radio Operators: We are planning a Snow RagChew this Sunday at 7pm. It will be on the 145.170 frequency/repeater.

If there is an emergency traffic net we will not be on.

Join us fellow hams, and let us know how much snow you got, and find out who will have bragging rights.

73’s to all KC2ZCA and the CNYARA

Jervis Library CNYARA Display

During the months of January and February 2019, the Central New York Amateur Radio Association has a display in one of the glass cases in the entryway that comes from the parking lot. At this time we have placed some QSO cards from members, a mobile and handheld radio, some information about the club and some other paraphernalia about Amateur Radio in general including some books from the past, out of print.

If you get the opportunity and you’re up in Rome and want to stop by the Jervis Public Library, take a look at our display. If you’re not sure where it’s at, here is a link to directions.

In the meantime enjoy some of the pictures taken to see what’s there if you don’t have the time or chance to make it to Rome.

Updated Officers and Board Members

So as of our December meeting, we had elections and some offices have changed. Not a whole lot of change, but some. Each change of office was by unanimous vote. No abstentions or nays. It was an easy and comfortable change for the club.

President is now: Marc Araujo – KR2HWK
Vice President is now: JJ Phillips – KC2FEV
Treasurer is still: Sean Phillips – KC2YGF
Secretary is still: Josiah Araujo – KR2ECP

Board Member change: Allan Sundberg – KC2ZCA term was up and he is succeeded by Andy Dennison – W2AND as our new Board Member

Now don’t forget that our next monthly meeting is coming up on January 8th, 2019 at Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota, NY, 1830 hours (6:30 pm). Hope to see you there.


Cortland Winter Hamfest – Upcoming 2019

Interested in getting in an early Hamfest for 2019? Well look no further than down in the Southern Tier for the Cortland Hamfest of Jan 2019. It’s being held in Marathon, NY the 12 of January. General admission is $5 and kids 12 and under are free. The fest will be open from 7 am to noon, so don’t miss an opportunity if you need some parts and pieces or are just looking for that great find.

More information can be found at this link:


This from the Amateur Radio Newsline for 2019

The start of the new year is bringing a new net for participants in the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship: It’s a VoIP Net and it will have its first meeting on the first Saturday of 2019 – that’s January 5th — at 2 p.m. Central Time in the U.S. The net is being made possible with the help of the DigicommCafe and the Alabama Link and can be found on Echolink, Allstar, and D-STAR. For more details visit the website at The fellowship also has an HF net Monday through Saturday on 3.930 MHz at 7 a.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. Everyone is welcome regardless of denomination.

More information about this and other Amateur Radio News can be found at their website: Amateur Radio Newsline (