Pumpkin Patrol Report

Pumpkin Patrol 2017 went well. We had two nights to watch four bridges. Everything went well with 19 people crossing one bridge and no incidents both nights. One night one vehicle forgot to start their engine to keep the battery charged and needed a jump start. They called AAA, but before they showed up the Whitestown police stopped by and offered them a jump start and they were able to get back on the air with minimal down time. They left their vehicle running the rest of the night with no further issues.

Bith nights were calm and warm evenings and it facilitated clear visibility and enjoyable times to be out sitting bridges for the protection of those traveling the Thruway. It was perfect weather for simplex and all could speak and verify their locations and status with no issues at all.

Thank you for all your support and thanks to all who volunteered to monitor the bridges.