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National Amateur Radio Operators Day

Here is an interesting article talking about a resolution that World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) which is April 18 of each year also be classified as National Amateur Radio Operators Day. The resolution was put forward by an Arizona Congresswoman after a letter from a 12 yr old amateur radio operator. You can read the full article from the ARRL by clicking the link below.

Maybe we will have something new to look forward to in 2021 if this passes.


FCC Fees

The FCC is looking for comments on the issue of imposing fees for changes to our license. This article below from the ARRL states the information you need to know regarding this. We could be changed an increased fee for changes to our licenses and for new operator licenses. The proposed fee increase is to $50 for a license instead of the $15. This is going to limit the number of people that want to get a license based on cost. Check out the article and make your voice heard.

June Meeting Alert!

This June 2nd at 1900 hrs, 7 pm we will be holding our get together meeting on the 145.170 repeater. This is again our COVID-19 on-the-air meeting due to restaurants still having limited access and keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We hope you can join us and participate. All Amateurs are Welcome so please stop by if you are able. Hope to hear you all soon.


Looking for some Fusion Learning and Fun?

The RaRa is having an Online Class dedicated to Fusion Radio. It’s happening Saturday, May 26th, 2020 from 10:00 am to Noon. Prior Zoom registration is required and all the information is in this Link. If you want to take some time to learn more about Fusion radio, check it out. Seats will go fast, so check it out!

Stay Safe Healthy and Try to Stay Home