ARRL Field Day 2017

From: 2017 June 24-25

There arrived all total 5 CNYARA members to setup and run the Field Day from the Catlin’s Home in Pulaski. Rick (KD2HLD), Deb (KD2IUY), and Tom (KD2IUZ) Catlin with the assistance of Marc (KR2HWK) and Josiah (KR2ECP) Araujo (New Amateur Radio Operators Father and Son). Setup and prep work began around Noon and before you knew it we were on the air and making contacts. We had our teaching, safety and emergency stations and assignments. We had all our “bases” covered!

We were able to make contacts in the following areas. 397 on 80m, 11 on 40m, and 48 on 20m. Unfortunately we didn’t have a GOTA station, but we did process messages in a tent running a 2m station on battery and connecting to a repeapter for traffic passing that evening.

N2CNY operated as a 2F WNY. We ran on Generator and Battery with a Solar recharger setup and was able to process many stations. Some friends of the Catlin’s arrived and we put them on the air to make some contacts too.

It was a wonderful time. All in all we made some wonderful contacts and friends from the weekend and were able to learn some new things and fellowship together.

Sitrin’s Stars & Stripes Run & Walk

Saturday September 9th, 2017, CNYARA members helped MOARC (who was running the NET) with working to keep people safe and secure during the Walk, Run and Wheelchair Event at SUNY POLY in Utica, NY.

The Sitrin’s Stars & Stripes Event was great fun. We spent about 3 hours watching and cheering on the participants and keeping vehicle traffic down to a minimum. It was another great, successful event that we participated in. It’s always a great way to give to the community with the ability to volunteer some time and radio experience. Nothing difficult to do and it’s great fun and community time. The weather was wonderful even if a bit chilly.

CNYARA is also looking to volunteer more time and people for other events so please consider joining us and being a part of your community. You don’t need to be a member to help. Just let us know and we can get you in touch with the right people.