Sitrin Stars & Stripes Amateur Event

Coming up on Saturday, October 06, 2018 at 7:30am | SUNY Polytechnic Institute 100 Seymour Ave Utica, NY 13502 is the Sitrin Stars and Strips Walk / Run.  Radio operators are needed to monitor points along the route to provide information in regards to the status of the runners and the walkers during the event.

If you want more information in regards to what this is about check out this link.  If you want to volunteer you can contact Rick Rogers, KC2ABQ at

Everyone and anyone who’s an Amateur Operator is welcome to assist.  It’s a great event and we would love to have you assist.


Club Picnic September 2018

So here we were up among the Wind Turbines on top of the Town of Fenner.  It was a beautiful day in which we could enjoy not only the weather, but also fellowship with fellow hams and some visitors and some wonderful food.  It was our annual club picnic and monthly meeting.

The group descended upon the the Fenner Renewable Energy Education Center around noon on September 15th, 2018.  Everyone brought a dish to pass and their appetites and their wit. The grill started going about 1300 hrs and hot dogs and hamburgers were ready in short order.  About a dozen were in attendance for the food, fun and fellowship.

Afterwards we took a couple of hours to raise the antenna up an extra 10 feet or so.  We rerun the antenna cable by replacing it with a better more stable cable.  We also readjusted the power supply’s location and overall made some great improvements to our repeater and its frequency footprint.

Enjoy the photos below and maybe next year you can join us.  It was a great time to enjoy each others company and do some work on improving the repeater.  A wonderful time was had by all and we’re looking forward to next year and our upcoming events.  Stay tuned for more information.


N2CNY – Repeater Update! – UPDATE!

Update:   The time is the same for the picnic, but the date has changed.  Saturday September 15th instead of the 16th.

Okay, so you already know that the repeater is back on the air.  We have the CW ID broadcasting N2CNY every 8-10 minutes.  We have some photos below and so far the repeater has been up for about two weeks and some change.  We are still trying to finish up some minor upgrades and updates to it.  As of this moment we will be doing some final, hopefully last changes to the equipment and antenna on the day of our club picnic, which is September 16th, 2018 at the repeater site location of Fenner Wind Farm.  Directions are here. We are so glad to have everything in place and working.  Please join us if you can. We are meeting at 12:00 pm (1200 hours) and all you need is to bring a dish to pass.  You can contact JJ our club president with your dish information so we can coordinate that we don’t have all deserts or all baked beans.  All are welcome if you can make it.  We will be using the repeater (145.210 PL 71.9  -0.600) for call ins if you need assistance getting there.  It’s going to be fun, in the mean time enjoy some photos and a video of our repeater/antenna.


Saratoga County Hamfest – coming fast!

This just in……right off our email…..directly from Peter W2BEW……so please read on….

You’re invited to the 33rd annual Saratoga County Hamfest on Sunday, September 9 at the county Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa, NY.  Check out the attached (2-page) flyer – you’ll find something for everyone: new gear, used gear, parts and pieces, door prizes, bucket prizes, a VE Test Session at 8:30 in the village, a fox hunt, and, of course, delicious food all day! RW Antenna Store will be there, as well as many other buyers and sellers.

 Bring your Saturday ticket from the Boxboro hamfest, and we’ll cut our admission price in half!

 Hope to see you there!  73,

Peter – W2BEW