If you might be looking for an event to help out in and assist with using your Amateur radio skills, here is an opportunity for you. The Honor America Day Parade is being held on the last Saturday in July. July 27th, 2019 and it includes a 5k/Walk/Run a parade at 10 am (participation included) and concludes with the opportunity to witness the Concert and Fireworks that evening.

Hope you can help out and if not pass on the information to someone who might want to or be able to assist and have some fun.


From John Sallustio:
Contact Information at the bottom.

The time has come the Walrus said, to talk of a parade!

It is July and once again we are gearing up for the annual Honor America Days Parade.   First of all I would like to thank all of you for helping out over the last several years and I would like to ask if you would be willing to join again this year.   I am trying to staff 14 divisions and the reviewing stand as usual.  We are critical to the success and safety of this event.   We close the roads, we are part of the parade, we are part of the team! 

The traditional thank you gift is available again this year, reserved seating tickets to the concert and fireworks on the lawn of Ft. Stanwix at 8PM that evening.

For those of you with kids or grandkids that would like to accompany you in the parade feel free, this is a family friendly event and there is tons of candy thrown along the route.  If you have kids with you, I will generally place you towards the end so the kids get to see most of the parade.  Please let me know.  Also if you have any special request to have a particular group in your division, let me know.  I do my best to accommodate it.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Parade/5K info (Same as last year)

July 27, 2019
Meet at 7:30AM at 1212 N. James St.
Street Closes at 8AM
5K race at 8:30
Parade moves at 10AM
~1PM everyone is complete.  You are released when your division finishes.

If you happen to know anyone that might be interested please feel free to forward this email and I can provide them with more information.

John Sallustio
Copper City Hospitality & Entertainmnt Inc.
6333 Kolton Dr.
Rome, NY 13440


  1. KA2ZNZ – JACK – 10
  2. AC2QB – DAVE – 5
  3. AK2Z – DOUG – 1
  4. K2JAF – JIM – 20
  5. K2KAE – NATE – 1
  6. K2QV – PAT – 1
  7. KA2JFU – DICK – 36
  8. KC2FEV – JJ – 6
  9. KC2IXV – LEN -20
  10. KC2ORH – SETH – 1
  11. KC2YGF – SEAN – 1
  12. KC2ZCA – ALLAN – 39
  13. KD2AIT – JEFF – 2
  14. KD2BRR – BOYD – 9
  15. KD2CDX – JUSTIN – 1
  16. KD2QNA – MATT – 24
  17. KD2RHT – CLIFF – 13
  18. KD2RKX – STEVE – 6
  19. KG2DI – BILL – 2
  20. KR2ECP – 3
  21. KR2HWK – 8
  22. N2ATG – TONY – 10
  23. N5AOW – BOB – 1
  24. W2AND – ANDY – 27
  25. W2JUV – AL – 1
  26. W2ZXN – ANDY – 3
  27. W3RKI – RICK – 2
  28. WA2SCR – MIKE – 1
  29. WA2ZON – CHUCK – 1
  30. WB2RLL – BRUCE – 13
  31. WN2IHJ – SCOTT – 16

IARU in Europe backing Amateur Radio

As has been going around lately, there is a bit of discussion and concern over the possible reallocation of the 2m band for use with Aeronautical Mobile Service. It’s been going around on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other social media sites including other websites in general.

Some discussions have expressed changes in the 144-146 section of the band and the 146-148 section of the band. It has been argued that ARES, RACES, Repeaters and other uses could be affected by this change. This is an issue with the European side of the band, but can have implications within other zones if it gets altered. Many people have been advocating that the ARRL and other proponents argue against this change and they are rightly to be doing so. It’s affects could be widespread and move from zone 1 to others over time.

Currently the IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) is notifying others around their zone and around the world through means such as the ARRL to stand fast that they are working to protect our bands and our rights to use them as primary. Continued discussions are going on as to how best the allocation could be done and how it can benefit both sides with out finding any overlap or interference.

Please take the time to read the current post on the ARRL website news section in regards to this. It’s very interesting and is worth the time to digest it. It can more clearly state what we are summarizing here. It’s going to take time and they aren’t allowing us to go quietly into the night on this. We have support, but keep pushing in the meantime because it’s important that we don’t back down either.

Restraint Urged in Response to 2-Meter Reallocation Proposal