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April Meeting Change 2020

Hello Everyone,

With COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing going on to protect everyone there has been a further change with our April meeting. We will be holding it as usual on April 7th 2020 at 7 pm at your radio in your shack safely at home. We will be meeting on the 145.170 repeater as our nets are usually run on at this time. So please join us on our first ever on-the-air club meeting.


April Meeting Cancelled

Hello Everyone,

With the current outbreak of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and the precautions that are being taken everywhere, including schools being closed and limits on gatherings in place and the current health and safety precautions being put in place we will cancel our April Monthly Meeting.

We believe that this decision is in the best interest of our members and their families.  I hope that this will pass soon and we can all get back to life as usual, but in the meantime, we are taking this situation and the precautions necessary very seriously.  We want to make sure that everyone is kept safe.  In the interim we will continue to monitor the situation and if the situation warrants we will take extra precautions in the coming months.  Currently, we are looking at the short-term and acting within the best interests of the membership, family, and community as a whole.

Please forward this to anyone else who may need to know or pass it on in other means.

– 73 and stay safe during this current situation.

Name and Address Change

Welcome to our site once again. We have had a name change and a web address change. You can still reach us at, but we are now set to use

This change came about where we needed to for tax purposes and so to star everything off right we moved forward and made some changes. This may come as shock to some, but it is a change for the better. We are now known as the Central New York Amateur Radio Club. Only our name has changed, while the people and the focus of emergency communications and fellowship within the Amateur radio community has not changed. Please feel free to mention us, share this and other posts to friends and family so they know we are still here with only a slightly different change.

Central New York Amateur Radio Club

Happy New Year & NEWS

Happy New Year to everyone. CNYARA hopes you had a safe transition from 2019 – 2020.

Here it is the first of the year and we not only have a meeting coming up on the 7th of January at our usual location, Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota, but there’s a Ham Fest this month. First our meeting, if you can make it we meet at Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted at 6:30 pm for food and fellowship. Everyone is invited. Being a member is not required. We would love to have you visit and put faces with voices and call signs and see what we are going to be doing this coming year.

Now for the second part of news. Marathon is holding a Ham Fest, the first of the year in this area on January 11th, 2020. The event is open from 7 am to Noon. More information including directions can be found at the following link. SARC Winterfest 2020

Again Happy New Year and We Hope 2020 is a great year for you and your family.


Election Results

December 03, 2019 Christmas Party and Elections

First thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Christmas party. Once again Theodore’s Restaurant in Canastota was a great host for us and we had a wonderful time. There was as always good food and homemade desserts that we brought. It was great and those that weren’t able to make it, we missed you. Hopefully you can make it next year and everyone is always welcome to our monthly meetings.

The results of the elections are as follows:
President: Marc Araujo – KR2HWK
Vice President: Richard Billings – KA2JFU
Treasure: Sean Phillips – KC2YGF
Secretary: Bruce Prindle – WB2RLL

New Board Member: JJ Phillips – KC2FEV

Congratulations to all and their new positions and their new terms. Changes to the website will be forth coming after the new year. Also new information will be forth coming about our club in the next week or so. Some new changes that have been not only proposed but necessary. More to come.

-73 To all and have a nice day.

Meeting and Elections Upcoming

It’s that time of the year again. Officers are due up for election, all officers are needing to be elected and also a new board member. Keep these ideas in mind for our next upcoming meeting, November 5th, 2019. We will be discussing the election of officers for our December meeting and looking into changes coming up next year.

Please don’t forget to vote in your county, state and national elections on November 5th, 2019 before you come to the meeting otherwise you might miss your opportunity that evening.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and hope you can join us and see what we are about, who we are and learn more about Amateur radio.

-73 from your CNYARA Webmaster

Net Changes 145.210

For the last few weeks we have had our repeater up and running in a new location. We are holding our morning and evening nets back on the 145.210. It has some coverage and is working well so far. We are looking to make some changes in the coming weeks to increase out coverage. If you can reach the 145.210 repeater, please check-in on a net sometime and let us know who you are and where you are coming from so we can see out coverage better.

Thank you and 73 to all and we apologize for not posting more often. Things have been busy lately. Thank you for your patience.


  1. KA2ZNZ – JACK – 10
  2. AC2QB – DAVE – 5
  3. AK2Z – DOUG – 1
  4. K2JAF – JIM – 20
  5. K2KAE – NATE – 1
  6. K2QV – PAT – 1
  7. KA2JFU – DICK – 36
  8. KC2FEV – JJ – 6
  9. KC2IXV – LEN -20
  10. KC2ORH – SETH – 1
  11. KC2YGF – SEAN – 1
  12. KC2ZCA – ALLAN – 39
  13. KD2AIT – JEFF – 2
  14. KD2BRR – BOYD – 9
  15. KD2CDX – JUSTIN – 1
  16. KD2QNA – MATT – 24
  17. KD2RHT – CLIFF – 13
  18. KD2RKX – STEVE – 6
  19. KG2DI – BILL – 2
  20. KR2ECP – 3
  21. KR2HWK – 8
  22. N2ATG – TONY – 10
  23. N5AOW – BOB – 1
  24. W2AND – ANDY – 27
  25. W2JUV – AL – 1
  26. W2ZXN – ANDY – 3
  27. W3RKI – RICK – 2
  28. WA2SCR – MIKE – 1
  29. WA2ZON – CHUCK – 1
  30. WB2RLL – BRUCE – 13
  31. WN2IHJ – SCOTT – 16