Happy New Year 2019

So let’s start this post off by just saying HAPPY NEW YEAR from the CNYARA! We hope that you have the opportunity to start the new year off right and that this month and the ones to come are full and joy-filled for you. If you have the chance try and get your ticket so we can hear you on the radio. If you have your ticket try for an upgrade and further investigate all that HF has to offer. If you are already upgraded then we hope that you have the time to contact us on the radio or on email or on our contact page and let us know what’s going on with you or any information or websites you think we should know about.

This year starts off brand new and each day does also. Remember that what happened in your past is done, and there are so few changes you can make to it aside from making amends. Make each day count and make it a good one at that. Take the opportunity to thank a service member for their duty for our country and for all of us. Take the chance to notice what’s happening around you and also to take notice of those around you. You have so few opportunities in life to take note of people and the beauty all around you.

Once again the Central New York Amateur Radio Association wants to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2019!

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