Ham Motto

What’s our Motto? “Ham Radio is: The Last Line of Communication in Any Emergency”.

So with that vain in mind we are stalwarts to keeping things going when all else fails.  We are the survivors who will get the job done when all else has stopped working.  We are the ones who can survive just about any catastrophe and still communicate.  That also means that we can innovate, we can tinker, we can improve, we can adapt and we can make things better by our very existence.  Amateur radio started in the late part of the 1800’s.  Radio waves were discovered in 1888 and in the 1890’s Marconi started using them for messages.  So for over a 100 years Amateur Radio has been there when the need arose and we will still be there to further that in the current day and age when more and more people are working with “Maker Spaces” and tinkering around with things and trying out new ideas.  Read the following article to really know that Amateur Radio was and will always be here to stay.  Even more so with the current developments and the advancements in technology.  73

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