CNYARA – N2CNY Repeater NETS Update!!!

We have moved the Nets over to the 145.210, -0.6 Offset PL 71.9 it’s official!!!!

Catch us on the 145.210 N2CNY Repeater from now on for the Nets.

Well for those of you that haven’t heard or haven’t been trying out the good old 145.210 -0.6 Offset PL 71.9, it’s back on the Air!!!

The station / repeater was put back on the air the 19th of August 2018 and has been in the early testing stages and final modifications / tweaks for the entire time.  Things are looking good for the repeater and there have been several previous users heard on it and some new voices too.  All in all things are going well and we expect to be moving the Nets back to the 145.210 very soon.  Should be within the next few weeks.  We will post something as soon as we have a date set for the cut-over.

We do have a report that as far as just south of Cooperstown our Repeater has been heard.

Stay tuned for further updates from the CNYARA.


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